Vision and mission

We exist to reflect God’s glory by passionately advancing His kingdom 

through reaching people, restoring community & redeeming culture

God’s church doesn’t have a mission in the world.
God’s mission in the world has a church!
Ed Stetzer

We have come to see that mission is not merely an activity of the church.
Rather, mission is the result of God’s initiative, rooted in God’s purposes
to restore and heal creation. “Mission” means “sending,”
and it is the central biblical theme describing the
purpose of God’s action in human history’
– Guder


We have a vision to see our church modelled on the new testament church. In Acts 2, we see 10 characteristics that we believe ONEchurch is called to express:

1. Praise – Worships Jesus – Daily at home with family and at work, Weekly in small communities
and corporately on Sundays at our celebration services.

2. Preaches the Gospel – Daily by lifestyle and conversation, weekly through preaching and hearing
a contextualised gospel message without compromising the truth.

3. Personal Evangelism – Winning the lost through lifestyle and interaction with unbelievers and
corporately by preaching Jesus as the hope of the world in every message.

4. Prepares, Trains & Equips Leaders (Saints) for effective fruitful kingdom advance.

5. Plants and Strengthens Churches

6. Prioritises the Poor – Income Generation, Education, Health Care

7. Partners to Build Community

8. Promotes Family

9. Participates in Nation Building / Public Influence (Business; Education; Health; Media & Communications; Governance; Arts; Sport & Recreation)

10. Prays for the Welfare of the City (Jeremiah 29:4-7)